Novelty Phone Calls - Text to Speech Technology
Free Text to Speech Phone Calls!
Using a demo form at we bring you free phone calls using the latest text to speech technology.  It's as easy as enter a few details about you and your recipient and your call will be sent for processing.
STEP 1: Receiver's Phone Number
Enter the phone of the person you would like to send a message to.


Enter Phone Number To Call
(Including Area Code)

STEP 2: Your Details
You May Put Any Information You Want.
Display Number

Display Name

STEP 3: Message & Selectable Voice
Choose what voice you want your message to be spoken from.  There are a variety of different voices, so you might want to find which one works best for you message.  *HINT* one sample might sound more realistic than another depending on what your message is. 


Select the Voice - Choose which voice sample you want your message synthesized in.

Type a short message - Tthis message will be read to the person you specified in step 1 above.






SpoofCard Caller ID Spoofing
  It is unacceptable to use this scirpt with foul language or for harassment purposes according to FCC regulations. Use at your own risk and liability.
  IP addresses are traceable and you will be held liable for any action that breaches city, state, federal, or international laws. CDYNE will fully
  cooperate with authorities for any illegal/threatening messages. Remember your IP Address is recorded by CDYNE, we ourselves do not record
  another thing other than fact that you visited this site, not whether you sent a message or to whom.

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